Toni Leonard Rogers, author of Primary Possession

Toni RogersA native of Arkansas, Toni Rogers has lived much of her life in the breath-taking Ozark Mountains where she married her high-school sweetheart and raised two children, a son and a daughter. “The only “real” job I’ve ever had for which I brought home a paycheck is that of high school English teacher. I don’t know if I should attribute my proclivity to read obsessively to my profession or if it is the love of reading and writing that led me to the occupation. I suspect the latter is truer. I am a sometimes singer, lover of laughter and beauty in all forms, light sleeper, heavy thinker, and proudest mom ever! I cherish the therapy that is writing, the ability to examine hurt and discontent, to explore pleasant possibilities through prose and poetry in order to keep life’s passing moments eternal. I give much of myself to others, but I still leave a little mystery for myself. I try to always see the world at 360 degrees. I believe there are times for calm, but I long for moments to let go with reckless abandon. I aspire to create contemplation in others but never to manipulate. I am spiritual without being religious. I am philosophical, and not always practical, assertive in my beliefs but not aggressive. I use satire to settle arguments, but I would fight for the people I love.”

PRIMARY POSSESSION COVER-1Her book Primary Possessions is about Noti who sees ghosts and suffers strange dreams but, as her family’s dark history begins to surface, she must confront the cruelties of the past, present, and future. Noti Needran is a beautiful high school senior blessed with three lifelong best friends and parents who love her. In fact, almost everyone she knows likes her. She lives in a stately Antebellum mansion, is intelligent, makes great grades, and is on a decisive career path. Practically everything about her existence is enviable…well, except that one of her bff’s has begun to feel like so much more than just a friend, a trio of lifelong tormentors refuses to leave her alone, and a few familiar ghosts become more active every day. Noti deals with her bullies with dignity. She doesn’t even see her spirits as a distraction-until they begin to terrorize her both when she is awake and in her dreams. Noti confronts her ancestral past in a small southern town, hoping that nothing-time, place, even death-can conquer the heart.

Secondary_Sighting_Cover_for_KindleDon’t miss her newest book,  Secondary Sighting. After having come to terms with her haunting ancestry, as Noti heads off to college, she hopes that life will now be something closer to normal. It won’t. Even as she makes new friends, they remind her so much of her childhood companions that she cannot escape an almost constant homesickness. Furthermore, she meets a dazzling Casanova who seems determined to earn her affection; however, there is always the boy who has adored Noti her entire life, and if anyone deserves her love, it’s him. Worst of all, she finds herself tormented by three images that look entirely too much like her – pale, blue-eyed blondes. The only distinction is that they are all ghosts. Noti tries to tell herself that these manifestations aren’t personally related to her, so surely they will not affect her. They will. Even worse, so will the malevolence responsible for their deaths. SECONDARY SIGHTING, the sequel to PRIMARY POSSESSION is of the New Contemporary Fiction Romance and Paranormal genres.

Looking forward to reading more of Toni Rogers’ books.

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