What will you remember to be thankful for?

clementimages (1)W. Clement Stone said, “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You Share.”

Thanksgiving is a time family can come together and celebrate-being thankful they have each other. Of course they will be thankful for the food that will bountifully cover their tables. But this year, we should be especially thankful of our families being together. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, or where we will all be next Thanksgiving or if some will be gone.


Our mother passed away in March, so this was my first Thanksgiving without her  in 70 years. I was so grateful we had her all those years, but I will tell you I missed her being with us this week. We always celebrated her birthday and Thanksgiving together. This year we celebrated her life and the memories. So there were some tears but there was also laughter.

Let’s all the thankful this Thanksgiving for every member of our family. Overlook the flaws and pray they will over look yours. Just remember love and togetherness and making more memories.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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Gail Gaymer Martin Answers the Age Old Question!

Gail Gaymer Martin Answers the Age Old Question!.

Ever felt like you were too old to start a new career?

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Celebrate Life

oprahOprah Winfrey said, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

My biggest wish for people during the month of November would be that we would all give thanks for our life and pray that we live it as a celebration and appreciate it and the lives of others.birthday candles

It only takes a few seconds to smile at someone…but that smile can follow them all day long.



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Today Remembered

susan lp2When I was a little girl, I thought the parades were for me, since my birthday was on November 11. So as a small child you can imagine me beaming as I stood and watched the parade go by.

Today is my birthday, my 70th. Hard to believe when I look at a picture of me when I was three that I have reached this age. Yet, I am glad I am still around, and get to enjoy my family.

But my thoughts actually don’t go to me today, they go to that day, so long ago,  the 11 month, the 11th day, the 11th hour– an armistice was signed to end the big war. I think of all the men who died in that war, never to return hom, who gave their lives for our country and for freedom. My great-uncle fought in that war, but fortunately for our family he was able to come home.world war I -2

That name was eventually changed to Veterans Day to honor all veterans who have fought in all the wars. Men and women who have served their country and some giving everything they had…their lives, never to return to their beloved families and country.

It is up to us, the living, to remember them for they gallantly stood for us and gave their all. So today, please take a few minutes and remember what they did for us and remember their families and what they sacrificed.

They stood for us– now we stand for them.stand for america


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Birthdays Make Memories

Birthday cakes! I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like birthday cake.

This past week, our writers group brought food to share in celebration of Thanksgiving.

But we shared something else too. My birthday. One of the ladies brought a very large cake. On the top, she had them put my picture and the pictures of the books we’ve published and some very touching words.IMG_1686

Birthdays are made special when friends get together and celebrate. The cake was the symbolic “icing on top” so to speak. Some wonderful memories were formed that day. Memories I will take with me and recall not just at my birthdays but other times throughout the year. I was overwhelmed to hear the members say such nice things  about me and what I had meant to them. Those words I heard were heart received and appreciated more than I can say.

Birthdays are made special when we share them with others.

I hope your birthday is special!

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Got To Have Cake!

I really like this quote by Buddy Valastro, “Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.

birthday cake 2Of course, if you know who Buddy Valastro is you can understand his quote so much better. He is an  American  celebrity  chef,  entrepreneur, and reality  television personality. He serves as head baker at a bakery in New Jersey. Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken. Go to http://www.carlosbakery.com/ you want believe the fabulous bakery items they have. And you an order on-line.

What kind of birthday party would it be without a beautiful birthday cake …all decorated in the colors of fun.

So if you have a birthday coming up, be sure and order you a birthday cake…even if it is for one–and oh…”Happy Birthday”

All my memories of my childhood birthdays are wonderful. I feel very blessed, that they have continued.


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The Month of Birthdays


I thought it would be fun to look at quotes from people about birthdays. After all we all have them. Let’s see how we compare on our feelings about these days.

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
Do you recognize that quote and who said it?  Did you guess Dr. Seuss ? If you did, you are correct.

The Theodore Seuss Geisel Stamp

The Theodore Seuss Geisel Stamp

We are us, everyday, even when we try to pretend we are something we are not, we are still us. The best part of that? No one is like us, we are One-of-a-Kind!

If your birthday is today, I wish you a Happy one!white birthday cake


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So which do you think is important!

henry ford   Henry Ford said, Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving.

If only our government could understand that concept and quit giving away the tax dollars that we keep giving them.

Time spent in teaching and helping man become independent in providing for his family gives him more than money ever could…something even that money can’t buy and something that will bring him out of poverty. Self-esteem and Self-confidence!

What matters most is how you see yourself!

What matters most is how you see yourself!


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Do you Agree or Disagree? Important Subject-Think Carefully!

Rogerdownload (1)Roger Wicker,  United States Senator from Mississippi and a member of the Republican Party said,  Illegal immigration is not just a matter of interest in states along our border with Mexico. It is having an effect on local economies, schools, health care delivery, and public safety all across the country.

Okay, I Know this is a controversial subject…but read again what he said. Forget he is a Republican, forget he is a Senator…he is a man who is a citizen of this country, born and bred. He isn’t talking about immigrants who come to this country legally, he is talking about the illegal immigrants who sneak into this country over our borders. Border that are there to protect us and our country.

While I can understand and sympathize with people wanting to come to America for a better life, I cannot sympathize with people doing it illegally.

Let me see if this makes sense to you….robberdownload (1)a man breaks into your house, takes part of your food, some of your furniture, one of your cars, some of your health care, half of your money you have saved for your future, takes part of the education for your children. Part of your Social Security, and part of your children’s college fund. Now this man is caught…but instead of him being sent to jail…he is allowed to not only have freedom to live in your town, but the law says he can keep everything he took from you. And that if he should need more, you have to pay the extra.

Well, there you have it…disagree? Think about it before you do…let that sit in your head awhile before you make a decision to agree or disagree.



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What do you value most?

William Somerset Maugham download (1)W. Somerset Maugham, was a British playwright, novelist and short story writer. He was among the most popular writers of his era said,  If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom, and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too.

When we look around the world and all the circumstances that exist, maybe we should remember what the value of freedom is. Sometimes when you have grown up having you take for granite what you have. Maybe we should all ask ourselves, are we taking our freedoms for granite. If we find the answer is yes…then it is time to open our dictionary and look at the definition of the word. Then we should get a pad and pencil and write down what our freedoms are. Next, take that list and see which of those freedoms we want to do without.  I dare say, we will find we do not want to give up one, not one of our freedoms. If that be the case, then we need to make sure we take our responsibilities seriously and protect those freedoms at all cost.freedomimages


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