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Have You Had One of Those Days?

Ever had a day you just couldn’t get things going right? Everything you touched you seem to be making mistakes. Those are the days I decide to take a break, grab a coffee from Starbucks and people watch.    Obviously, … Continue reading

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Our Brain At Work

    Visualization. A picture in our mind’s eye. It can be the key that opens the door. Draw a blue print in our mind’s eye, describe how we want something to turn out. Maybe the picture is our life. Where are we going, … Continue reading

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What are you putting in?

I know, can you believe it, I have used a brain to make a point! Look at the brain, the different aspects of this miraculous gift we’ve been given. Inside that brain is a warehouse of information. My question to … Continue reading

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If You Could Hear My Brain

Last night, when everything was quiet, I sat and listened to my brain! Now you may think that can’t be, but it’s true.  Do you remember the newspaper trucks back in the 30’s and 40’s how they would go through … Continue reading

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