Homeland Security Funding-is congress playing with our security?


congress         I don’t normally post anything to do with politics or government. But I could not let this pass.

For years we have seen the Democrats and the Republicans  behave as children in a sandbox, fighting over whose toy it is. I have news…I don’t think it is a toy! I certainly don’t think it belongs to them. Both the parties and the President are elected to work together to do what is right for this country not have power plays and behave as children.

It’s our country. The country belongs to the people.

As a people, we seem to sit on the sidelines, while they duke it out, shake our heads and go about our business. It seems we hired some help, handed them the keys, and walked away from supervising whether they did the work they were hired for.

But this time, have they gone too far? Are they putting the security of our country at risk? Are they putting the lives of the people of the United States at risk?

Can we risk a partial shutdown of Homeland Security? And which part would be shut down? Is that part crucial?

Congress isn’t going to tend to funding unless the Democrats roll back Obama’s immigration policies. The Democrats are not going to consider that step. So they are going to sit in that sandbox, arguing, trying to show each other who is going to be boss and how much power they have and risk protection for our country?

That doesn’t sound like to me they have the best interest of the country or the people at heart.

I think the time has finally come to elect a new Congress. Elect people who understand what their jobs are as representatives of the people of this country. Ones who understand it is not  a power play with each person in congress and between the parties but a coming together to work out what is best for the country and all of the people.

We need to make sure they understand job responsibility. We need to make sure they understand they are elected by the people and as such, do answer to us.  A congress of Democrats and Republicans that know what the meaning of the phrase ‘come together’ and the other phrase ‘negotiate for the good of the people and the country’ means. Ones who understand, this is not a game. We don’t care which ones have bigger muscles, we don’t care which ones have the last word. We do care that they are doing the jobs they were elected for– to serve the people of this country.

I am appalled to see grown men and women behave in the manner this congress does. It is obvious there is a personality problem between some of them. I am also disappointed that our President can’t seem to sit these two groups down and find a way to work with them to do their jobs.

Do you remember in high school, where you had a group of kids that thought they were hot stuff and if you  didn’t do things their way they would make your life miserable. Do you remember kids sitting in a sandbox, one wants the toy the other has and a struggle ensues.

This is certainly what congress reminds me of each time something needs to be done.

Homeland Security is one issue and Immigration policy, all though it may overlap in areas, is still in essence two separate issues.

Let’s deal with one issue. How about our Security first? Let’s make sure we are protected. Then let’s deal with Immigration.

Congress and the President need to come together, put their personality differences aside and sit down at the table and put the priority of what is best for the people of the country first. And work that out in each program.





About Susan Reichert

Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a magazine for authors and people who love to read.We highlight and promote authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Live in the South. President of a Writers Group.
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