Today Remembered

susan lp2When I was a little girl, I thought the parades were for me, since my birthday was on November 11. So as a small child you can imagine me beaming as I stood and watched the parade go by.

Today is my birthday, my 70th. Hard to believe when I look at a picture of me when I was three that I have reached this age. Yet, I am glad I am still around, and get to enjoy my family.

But my thoughts actually don’t go to me today, they go to that day, so long ago,  the 11 month, the 11th day, the 11th hour– an armistice was signed to end the big war. I think of all the men who died in that war, never to return hom, who gave their lives for our country and for freedom. My great-uncle fought in that war, but fortunately for our family he was able to come war I -2

That name was eventually changed to Veterans Day to honor all veterans who have fought in all the wars. Men and women who have served their country and some giving everything they had…their lives, never to return to their beloved families and country.

It is up to us, the living, to remember them for they gallantly stood for us and gave their all. So today, please take a few minutes and remember what they did for us and remember their families and what they sacrificed.

They stood for us– now we stand for them.stand for america



About Susan Reichert

Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a magazine for authors and people who love to read.We highlight and promote authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Live in the South. President of a Writers Group.
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2 Responses to Today Remembered

  1. Happy Birthday, Susan. And thanks for such a nice message about Veterans Day. My youngest son just returned from Afghanistan, so we are feeling so grateful.

    Take care,


    • I am so glad your son is safely home with you now. My grandson was in Iraq right after the fall, so I know the days and nights of prayers you sent up. We just continue to pray for all our men and women in harms way.

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