Boundaries, Structure and Education…Mandela



Nelson Mandela said, “No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated.”

There was a time when parents and authorities were adamant about children being in school…and truant officers roamed around looking for children who were playing hooky.



Perhaps we need to take stock of our cities, the ones with all the trouble.

Should we make it mandatory that children be in school and for those who aren’t, institute a penalty for the parents and the children? Would children stay out of trouble if they were staying in school and being educated? Maybe…

Children need structure growing up and they need boundaries along with love. Parents start out using these tools teaching their children, then the schools join in after…notice the word after…the child is in the first grade…perhaps they begin in kindergarten, if it is an educational institution and not a glorified babysitter. For twelve to thirteen years this process continues then the child is ready for college, or a technical school or to join the service. They are supposed to be responsible adults at this point. If they aren’t what is the problem…where did it break down?




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