Who is Your Cheerleader?

I have a question I like to ask people when I am speaking in groups about achieving, being motivated, being their best–– “Who is your cheerleader”?



Everyone seems to look stunned when I throw this question out. I don’t blame them, how could they have expected such a question, after all we are not in high school.

When I was in high school, they had pep squads. Yours did too I imagine. Do you remember what their duty was? Their duty was to promote school spirit. Yes, they are similar to a cheerleading squad, but they are usually separate. You would find both cheerleaders and the pep squad on Friday’s decked out in their uniforms (which were different in style) going around with their posters they had spent hours on making and bright and bold colors of our school. The cheerleaders would lead the cheers and the pep squad would move through the crowd clapping and jumping shouting the cheers just like the cheerleaders. Between the pep squad and the cheerleaders, they created a whirl of optimism and positive energy flowing for the game that night. Why if someone from out-of-town had heard all this they would have thought we had won the game. Because that is how we sounded and that was how we were acting. They wrapped the football players and the student body up in a winning whirlwind.

This brings me to the second question I like to ask. “Do you give yourself pep talks”? When you look in the mirror, are you your cheerleader, your pep squad? We all need a cheerleader. Who better to cheer us on than ourselves? Oh yes, we also want our family and friends in that squad and on our team but we should be the captains–– the first to start the cheers. It is our responsibility to work ourselves up in that whirlwind of enthusiasm, optimism and positive energy flowing through our veins.

In order to feel good we need inspiration. We have all been to meetings where they inspire us to do greater things and when we come out of there we feel like we are walking on air and not a doubt in our minds we are going to make it to the top. Be a winner But by the time we get home, someone has let the air out and we are back down on the ground…pecking around.

If only we could feel like we did in those meetings, we could jump tall buildings, move mountains and soar with the eagles. They might even think we were ‘Superman’ (or ‘Superwoman’).

You can feel like that. Just decide to become your own pep squad and cheerleader. Tell yourself how good you are, how wonderful you are and that you can do anything. Just tell yourself that everyone you meet is going to have his or her hearts open to you and that everything you endeavor to do is going to be good. This reminds me of a scripture: For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor, You will surround him as with a shield. Psalm 5:12

You may not feel it the first few times you do it, but if you work at it, every day, eventually you will believe in yourself. You will notice you walk straighter even with a skip almost in your step. People will be smiling back at you because you are smiling at them. Your heart will feel lighter because the baggage has been moved out and been replaced with wonderful accolades.

So start now, be your very own cheerleader and see for yourself, soon you will feel every day just like you did when you left that meeting and being and doing all you were meant to do and be..



About Susan Reichert

Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a magazine for authors and people who love to read.We highlight and promote authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Live in the South. President of a Writers Group.
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