It’s not too late?

CLOCKWriting our memories down about our grandparents, if we knew them, is important. If you are asking yourself how, don’t. Just start putting on paper what you remember. You will be surprised what things begin coming to your memory about your grandparents, parents and yourself. Special times, special places and ‘special foods’.

The nice things about doing this, is your children will get to know your grandparents, their great-grandparents. And then your memories can be passed down to their children, and so on.

I think one of the saddest things is seeing a picture of an ancestor and not knowing anything about them. They were here, they walked on this earth, they thought, they worked and toiled, and the only thing known, maybe, is their name.

My children have given me fancy writing journals, with instructions to write everything down. I have written some, and I plan on writing more. I did realize however, that I was not taking this serious enough. So with a change in perspective, I will now put down my memories about loved ones I knew who are gone. Through my memories my children will get to know them. They will begin to see some of their own traits came from their great-grandparents.

What has come before, gets passed into the future.

About Susan Reichert

President of Southern Author Serivces; President of Collierville Christian Writers Group; Retired Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine. Southern Author Services promotes and highlights authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Lives in the South.
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2 Responses to It’s not too late?

  1. Thanks for you comment. I am glad it was useful, It’s so easy to forget people who are our ancestors. The more we can pull together the more our children in the future will know about us and their ancestors. Plus it is really cool to be able to write about people you loved and were such a big part of your life. Happy Writing.

  2. I loved this post. I’ve been trying to make sure my son knows his ancestry. I recently took him to a cemetery that was found on old family land. Their was only one marker and the baby had died in the late 1800’s. It made me think about how much was lost when my grandparents passed on. What will be lost when I’m gone? It also made me get out my grandparents box of family pictures from way back and start labeling the ones I knew. I’m working on getting my older family members to help with the one’s I don’t. You’ve given some good advice. Thanks…

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