Do you pass on laughter? Joy?

Tammy's 13Laughter from one person can cause others around him/her to laugh. Since laughter is contagious, I wish we could take laughter from one-person put it on Facebook and send to friends, who send to friends until it reaches around the world. Wow! Now that would be great medicine, giving joy and happiness to everyone it touched.

Aubrey 1Have you ever noticed how much easier it is for children to laugh than adults? How much more they laugh than we do?  It seems children have a tendency to live in the moment and appreciate the moment so much more than adults. Somewhere along the line, we seemed to have put that part of us in storage as we became more serious in our lives.

There is nothing more fun than laughter. I remember how fun it was to see and hear my children laugh. There was so much joy in hearing them and seeing their little faces. My emotional levels received a boost every time. It was as if someone was giving me love and hope each day in bountiful amounts.

I remember as a little girl, my grandfather coming home for lunch, you could hear him either humming a tune or singling a song as he got out of his car and came into the house. He was always smiling, singing or humming, and happy. If he had bleak days, you didn’t know it. Even when he was dying and in great pain, he still looked at you, smiled, and winked.

I hope I can pass to others  joy, happiness, and especially laughter.

About Susan Reichert

President of Southern Author Serivces; President of Collierville Christian Writers Group; Retired Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine. Southern Author Services promotes and highlights authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Lives in the South.
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4 Responses to Do you pass on laughter? Joy?

  1. I have had the experience of working with a group of young children who often smile and laugh more frequently than adults who seem to be more serious and rough.

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