Would the world be a better place?

Golda MeirIn life, it would seem it is important to recognize ourselves–who we are. However, we should not portray ourselves to be more important than we are. We should never be pretentious. In other words, we should never act as though we are more important than anyone else is.  Every human is important, therefore acting as though we are more important or special than someone else is not realistic. In fact, it is rather pathetic.

Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel, from 1969-1974, once said to a visiting diplomat, “Don’t be so humble – you are not that great.”

One can only surmise the person to whom she refers must have had an overblown ego. Thought himself superior to not only her but to others around him; thus, the pretense of acting humble.

It is not hard to pick up when someone has an oversized picture of his or her importance. It actually seeps out of every pore.

I think it is important for us to have a balance in how we think of ourselves. We are important as human beings but we also as human beings have flaws. The secret is to recognize what those flaws are, and not put ourselves down for them, but to work on them to make us better human beings.

Would the world be better off if we all worked on that?

About Susan Reichert

President of Southern Author Serivces; President of Collierville Christian Writers Group; Retired Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine. Southern Author Services promotes and highlights authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Lives in the South.
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