Can you say No?

Lunch Meeting Ever find yourself in a situation with a friend, co-worker or family member who has asked you to do something? Do you feel like they are trying to pressure you in to saying yes?
What do you do? Do you say no? Do they accept the no?
Every now and then, someone will try to pressure me into doing something I don’t want to do. Oh, not harshly but you know, they say things like, “Oh, come on, you can go, you’ll have fun, and besides I don’t want to go by myself. We’re friends, right? And friends do things for friends?” Reading the words sounds like a lot of crock–that’s because you are removed from the situation. But when you are face to face with that person, they are tugging on your guilt and friendship.
If they are pressuring you to do something, you don’t have to worry about hurting their feelings when you say no. You see your saying no once, is sufficient. For them to continue from that point on, they no longer are concerned with you or what you want or don’t want, their whole emphasis now is on what they want. You don’t have to feel guilty for saying no. They have now moved into that phase called being self-centered and overbearing.
If it is someone you care about you’re afraid they want care to see you again. If they don’t want to see you because you said no, then thank your lucky stars and run for the nearest exit. You dodged a bullet of being in a terrible relationship with this person.
I know sometimes a co-worker is harder to deal with, but it is important to be able to say no when you should. Oh, they may talk about you for a short period of time, but eventually they will move on to talking about someone else. People who know you at work won’t believe that person anyway.
We have to be cognizant of our feelings and thoughts and of what we want to do and not do, what is right for us and not right for us. It’s important and it’s our responsibility. If someone is trying to talk you into doing something-anything-that you do not want to do…run as far away from that person as possible. For they are not thinking of you, they are thinking of themselves. They have their interest at heart, not yours.

About Susan Reichert

President of Southern Author Serivces; President of Collierville Christian Writers Group; Retired Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine. Southern Author Services promotes and highlights authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Lives in the South.
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