Where does the change lead?

aubryanah sitting on curbLife is ongoing and change is inevitable. The day does not stand still nor does it wait for anyone. We are not alone even when we feel alone.

So why does it surprise us when things are different, people leave, we grow older, jobs are lost, kids grow up? I think in general humans don’t like change. We are comfortable in what we know and so change, being unfamiliar–we don’t want to embrace.

How do we get to the point to move forward with anticipation? I believe that is a process we work through daily. Our mindset has to be changed to accept something different.

I believe it was Helen Keller who said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. So true. Life is an adventure. Can we come to terms with change? Can we be willing to not just accept change but look forward to each day and see where the change leads us?

About Susan Reichert

President of Southern Author Serivces; President of Collierville Christian Writers Group; Retired Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine. Southern Author Services promotes and highlights authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Lives in the South.
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