What would be your attitude?

henry ford Have you ever thought about this thing called attitude? You know, this thing we get up in the morning with and go to bed at night with?

Basically it’s a feeling or emotion we have toward something or someone. The feeling can be based on fact or it can be based on our emotional state of mind.

Last week, a friend, I will call Mimi, said she was in a terrible state of mind. So, me being who I am, naturally I asked her to explain what she meant.

It seems her company is undergoing a change in management, they are, she is sure, going to be downsizing. And just as sure, she feels her job is going to be eliminated. Of course she is in a panic. “Let’s face it.” she said, “I have a lot of debts I owe, plus rent, car payment. I can’t make it without this job.”

We can all understand her feeling of panic…most of us have been there somewhere in our work careers. She talked at length of how important this job was to her (she’s forgotten all the remarks she made in the past about wishing she had a different job). Does that mean be careful for what you wish for?

We agreed to meet the next day for coffee, at such time she agreed to make a list of all the things she did in her job. She also agreed to make a list of what she thought her ideal job would be.

I was hoping that by her making one list, it would reveal how much value she had and the other list would bring to the forefront of her mind things that were important to her in a new job. Things like the type of work to do, the benefits-what kind were important, salary-what she wanted and what the minimum she could afford to take. By having her list of value she would be in a position she could confidently state her worth to any prospective employer.

The next day, she joined me for coffee and had a totally different attitude. She had a bounce in her step, carried her shoulders up and back-a walk of a confident person. Across her face was a big beautiful smile. I thought perhaps she had heard from her employer and they were keeping her on the job. I couldn’t wait to hear her news and read her list.

Quickly Mimi sat down, grabbed my hand and said, “I feel wonderful, better than I have in years. I feel my life has a purpose.” She began to tell me about writing her lists, which she handed to me, and after writing her list she said,”I am so excited. I know there is something better for me around the corner, I don’t know what it is, but I know, that I know there is something better. I started looking at the want ads yes, but, I also started looking at the companies that do what I have interest in. I made a list of those. Then I looked them up on the internet, to see what all they do, I mean I researched each company, all night. I found ten I would have an interest in and that I felt my qualifications would be of benefit to them. I prepared my resume, along with a semi list of my strengths and also told them why I would want to work for their company and why I would be able to fit in and do a good job…some of them I went so far to tell them what particular areas in their companies would benefit with my experience. I sent them to the hiring authority if I could find their name, if not I looked up the president’s name and emailed all out this morning.”

To say the least, I was taken aback. Here was my friend with a completely different attitude than the day before. She was seeing her situation in a different lite and was seeing her value. She came to the realization that her world was not coming to an end and that there was something better waiting for her. I can’t wait to hear what happens this week. I will keep you posted.

Have you had an experience where your attitude changed completely?

About Susan Reichert

President of Southern Author Serivces; President of Collierville Christian Writers Group; Retired Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine. Southern Author Services promotes and highlights authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Lives in the South.
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