Our thinking process is truly a marvelous instrument.  It is finely tuned to be a magnet in all areas of our lives.

This instrument will produce lack or abundance for us.  We make the choice as to how to use this instrument everyday. Many times during the day. We are in control of it.

If we choose to think negative and lack, that is exactly what we will draw.

However, if we choose to think abundance and positive thoughts then we draw them.

Perhaps the question we should ask ourselves is “what do we really think we deserve in our lives”?

I hope our answer is we deserve good, positive and abundant living.

PRO’S                                                                                     CON’S

Glass Half Full                                                                        Glass Half Empty

Good things happen to me.                                                   Bad always happens.

I look for good things.                                                            I know bad is coming.








About Susan Reichert

Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a magazine for authors and people who love to read.We highlight and promote authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Live in the South. President of a Writers Group.
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