Interesting thing about Happiness, no one can say for certain what it is. Philosophers, scholars, doctors, theologians, scientist–all of these have tried to give a definition.

The one thing we do know, is whether we are happy or whether we are not. Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

What a true statement. Don’t believe me? Stand in front of your mirror. Put a big smile on your face and tell me how you look and how you feel. Now, put a frown on your face. How do you look and how do you feel?

I guess you have the answer that confirms what Abraham Lincoln said.


About Susan Reichert

Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a magazine for authors and people who love to read.We highlight and promote authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Live in the South. President of a Writers Group.
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3 Responses to HAPPY OR UNHAPPY

  1. You are one of the most enthusiastic people I know and when people are around you they catch it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for sharing your happiness.

  2. Love this one…i am one of those “happy” people….its interesting to see how many are not…i always find it fun to smile at someone when I walk by and see the results, most often, people do smile back….thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for liking.

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