There are times I worry about things I need to do tomorrow…then I remember God’s words telling me I don’t need to worry. He is in control, I just need to do what I know to do, He will take care of the rest. I have noticed as time goes by and I get older, I don’t worry like I did when I was younger. So that is a plus for getting older.


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Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a magazine for authors and people who love to read.We highlight and promote authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Live in the South. President of a Writers Group.
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  1. lmswords says:

    You are right. I am glad he is in control too. He is able to see the bigger picture.

  2. Gary Fearon says:

    Beautiful thoughts, Susan. When I was younger I was consumed with ‘why am I here’ and finding the meaning of life. The older I get the less I fret about that, and just happily give it all to God. So glad He’s in control and not me!

  3. Annette Mastron says:

    A favorite song is “He’s an on time God” which reminds me that events unfold in God’s time not mine. Very humbling and a great reminder that we are pieces in God’s plan for us all.

    • lmswords says:

      It is comforting to know God has a plan for each one of us. The difficult part is his time frame is so often later than mine, but it is always there when it is suppose to be.
      I think that is to make us rely and depend on him. Good lessons.

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