We The People


 I often wonder why we elect

Those who want the seats of

Power yet have no interest in

Representing us or following

Through on promises made.

They don’t listen to we the people

What we want changed or enacted.

They listen to the small interest

Groups who will feather

Their nests with riches untold.

They listen to those who are few in number

Instead of the majority who elected them.

If you read the bills they pass

You would see silly things tacked on,

They spend our money on foolish things.

Some do this for power, some for greed.

What they are saying is I will vote for

What is right and needed but only if you

Let me have this or that. Perhaps it is

A museum about ants for a little town in

Their state but one might ask is it on property they

Happen to own.

These we have elected have no

Worries about their health insurance or

Having enough money for retirement.

For we the people, who elected them,

Are going to take care of them, at a great

Cost to us. We will continue their salaries

And pay their health costs, even when

They have not been a good employee.

If their insurance and health care was

In the same boat as ours, wonder if it would

Be changed by now. I personally

Would prefer having the same plan

Congress does.

If Congress had to rely on Social Security like

We the people do, then I think that program

Would have been reworked by now. They forget

When we retire our salaries won’t continue.

All the things dear to our hearts, like country,

Family and health seem of no concern to them.

Maybe they forgot their job description, for they only

Do for the few and not the majority.

They forgot we the American People elected them

And they are to serve all and to do what is best for

This country and not be led by small interest groups.

I find it difficult to believe that our elected officials

Want to cater to the few. They need to remember

That we speak English in this Country

We don’t need to change that. People who

Come here need to learn to speak English

If they are going to work here.

If people do not like the phrase Merry Christmas

Then might I suggest they return to their country.

We’ve been saying Merry Christmas for

As long as we can all remember.

We don’t need to change that.

They want to take God out of everything and be

What? Politically correct. That is barbaric. And

For any elected official to allow things like this to

Happen to please a few should be removed

From office immediately.

We the people however, must ask ourselves why we

Would allow officials to change our country for the

Worse to appease a few and ACLU.

I am sure; there have to be some elected officials

Who truly do their very best in their job for our

Country and our people. It’s just unfortunate that

Their work is oft times overshadowed by the things

That are done wrong by others.

Having given much thought to this I have come to the

Conclusion that we, the American people, have forgotten

Our responsibility in this matter. We are the employers

Of these officials. We elected them. We need to start doing

Our jobs and give them their job descriptions. Tell them what

We expect of them. Their job is to do what is right for this

Country and we the people will not accept anything less.

Tell them the things they need to

Correct and what kinds of changes need to be brought about

For the majority not the few and special interest groups.

It is imperative they be required and held accountable to do what

Is best for this country and for its people. If they refuse then

They need to be removed from office without pay and benefits.

This will require us, to start calling, emailing, writing and

Visiting them. And not just the ones that represent our state but

All of them. We need a hands on policy.

This is our country and we need to protect her.

We the people need to quit being silent and start

Doing our part and get involved.

We need to re-educate our officials and the American people

On how and why this country was born and our responsibility

In taking care of her. Our officials need to put our Country

And her people first, not themselves, their parties, small interest

Groups or even the few. As a matter of fact we can tell

Them it won’t be tolerated.

These officials are spending our money and they are

Spending it freely all in the guise for the constituents of

Their state, when in reality it is for them, the few and

Small interest groups. I think we forgot they were

Spending our money too.

They are taking God out of everything because they are

Ashamed of their behavior, they know they are doing wrong.

But so are we America. This nation was founded on Godly

Principals. The more we allow God to be removed from

Our country the worse things get for this nation.

Children killing children and teachers in school. Countries

Attacking us, families falling apart, moms and dads not taking

Care of their responsibilities but leaving it to the schools and government.

Crime across American has become rampant.

Someone said if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of

The problem. Choose this day, to be a part of the solution. Do you want

To be passive allowing the few, the special interest groups,

To speak for you and to make decisions that affects your life,

Liberty and pocketbook? If not, then tell your elected officials

That they are now under new management. Tell them it

Is time for them to serve this country and to serve




About Susan Reichert

Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a magazine for authors and people who love to read.We highlight and promote authors and their books. Married with four daughters. Live in the South. President of a Writers Group.
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